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What is Digital Transformation? Types, Benefits, and Examples

Digital transformation is a hot topic that has been under discussion for the past few years worldwide. You should know about digital transformation, its types, benefits, and examples; start thinking about it if you run a business. You must know everything about digital transformation to take your company above your competitors. This article will explain everything there is to learn about digital transformation. What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation means optimizing business methods to drive potential growth while competing with the existing market. You may hear different definitions of digital transformation from different organizations because businesses vary in terms of services and markets. Digital transformation (DT) can have different meanings for different businesses. However, you should be clear about your business vision and goals. Transformation starts with defining the roles your customers, partners and employees expect from you. Therefore, every small or big organization must emphasize understanding the digital transformation [...]

The Complete Guide to Record Management System (RMS)

Businesses always look for better and more reliable document storage solutions. In the past, keeping the records in one place with so many documents was quite challenging. So, document storage is an integral part of the record management process. A record management system reduces wasted space and enhances operational productivity, making it easier to store documents in different forms that are organized and can be retrieved easily. However, it increases the importance of having a record management system (RMS). This article covers the complete guide to the record management system. Whether small or large companies, everyone needs to keep their records that are perfectly organized and stored securely for a certain time. For instance, if you need to store your credit card and bank statements in a safe location for a few years, you must have a record management system. It applies to different documents as well. You must keep [...]

How to Develop a Digital Transformation Strategy?

In the current digital world, digital transformation (DT) has made a significant impact on businesses. It does not only belong to big tech giants. Even small companies are making it a consistent part of their business plans. There is a need to look for evolution and advancement to bring more to your current business goals. You will need proper planning and knowledge on how to develop a digital transformation strategy to make your brand worth spending for your customers. While every organization looks for digital transformation, the question is how to get there with proper planning. Quick development, innovation, and evolution are the key factors that decide the digital economy. Therefore, companies need to go through digital transformation with a proper framework and new technology. Knowing the strategies is as important as investing in upgrading the current system. Every step is important in digital transformation. If you want to make [...]

Document Digitization: How It Works, Why It Matters?

What is Document Digitization? The process of converting your hard-form unmanaged documents into digital and managed documents is known as document digitization. With such methods, converting unstructured meaningless data to structured, meaningful digital data becomes possible. These structured digital data formats have provided several perks and tangible outcomes that have made several businesses embark on the path of digitization. Such digitized documents are impossible to achieve if you do not have a digital document management system or software. There are a variety of services that have shared this burden for many businesses and organizations and have ensured the digitization of documents. How Does Document Digitization Work? The goal of digitization is not achieved overnight. It requires much time and involves several steps and procedures that let you digitize. The first and foremost thing is understanding the concept and its requirement. A lot of organizations and businesses are unaware of what [...]

Kofax Power PDF 4 is Here

Built for business users with stronger scanning accuracy and e-signature integration Power PDF 4 provides powerful PDF management that’s built for business users. Learning is fast since it works like Office desktop products. Since Power PDF meets simple to complex needs and provides strong security, IT teams can standardize on a single tool. The new release takes a huge leap forward in search and redaction accuracy through Kofax’s award-winning OCR technology. Integration has expanded, including Microsoft OneDrive and the time-saving Kofax SignDoc for e-signature management. And there is greater adherence to accessibility standards. What's New in Power PDF 4? PDF 4 is the best version for business users yet, with a whole suite of new features, integrations, and enhancements targeted to make every workday easier. By taking what our users already enjoyed and adding more features, we provided even more tools for effectively managing PDFs, all while meeting a lower [...]

Top Printing Industry Trends to Look for in 2020

Change is the only constant. It is evident from the fact that everything in this finite world is evolving. The interesting thing is that technological advancement has increased the pace of change, having a considerably transformational impact on the printing industry. The journey that began with woodblock printing has evolved to Digital printing, 3D printing and beyond. Nevertheless, the printing industry serves a wide range of businesses across the world. So, modifications in this industry can have a considerable impact on others. Therefore, it is a must for organizations to keep an eye on emerging trends to survive better in this rapidly transforming world. The new decade seems to bring several promising opportunities in the printing field. This article is aimed at exploring modern tendencies in the industry to keep the reader updated. Top Trends in the Printing Industry to check out in 2020 There is no denying that digitalization, [...]


Xeratek has partnered with iDENprotect to provide organisations in the UAE with access to fully hardware-backed authentication solutions. iDENprotect grows with your organization and adapts to your risk profile. The iDENprotect engine uses the secure hardware present on modern devices to provide PKI-based certificate authentication for the most secure authentication, integration, and connectivity to existing enterprise systems, such as databases and servers, without any significant disruption. With iDENprotect, you get all the tools you need to integrate multi-factor authentication into your own applications.

Xeratek Turns Ten!

We can’t believe it either! Where have the last ten years gone?? It seems only yesterday that we were starting our journey, our team of four working from a small shop unit turned office in The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi. We were (and still are) proud to have been the first official Xerox Business Partner when we started in 2009, and we all worked hard to deliver effective business solutions for our clients that made a real difference.  The effort was not in vain, as within a year, we were awarded ‘Consultant of the Year by SME Advisor (2010) – not bad going for our first twelve months! The recognition from SME Advisor continued throughout those first few years as we were named finalists for the ‘Stars of Business’ in both 2011 and 2012. We’re so grateful for all the support of the SME and wider business community that we [...]

Electronic-Signatures: The final hurdle of digitisation

We’ve been talking for years about going paperless – in fact digitising our workplaces has become standard practice, with some further along the route than others, but with all of us aware of the importance and inevitability of this process. His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, initiated the 3-year countdown for implementing the Dubai Paperless Strategy, announcing the launch of the first two fully digital and paperless journeys on ‘DubaiNow’ application, during a visit to the Smart Dubai headquarters on 6th, February 2019. The final step in this absolutely necessary process is taking your signatures online – creating electronic signatures in place of those created with ink - and thus reducing the need for additional paper documents and increasing productivity and, ultimately, profit. There are multiple benefits to electronic signatures: They enable your business processes [...]

The tech trends you need to get onboard with for 2019…

If you follow our blog and social media, you’ll see that we talk a lot about the future of tech, particularly in regard to the office environment. Last month’s post provided a checklist for a productive 2019, and this month we wanted to share our thoughts on some of the major trends you need to be thinking about incorporating into your business strategy this year if you’re not already: 1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) You can’t pick up a business magazine, or attend any conference, without being bombarded with AI nowadays – and it’s for a good reason. Artificial intelligence is revolutionising the way that we work, and whilst the future robotic workforce may be the focus dominating media and conference agendas, Artificial Intelligence has many more subtle applications in the workplace. If you’re not exploring AI options for office and production print workflows, determining document layouts, automating distribution lists, and allowing [...]

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