Change is the only constant. It is evident from the fact that everything in this finite world is evolving. The interesting thing is that technological advancement has increased the pace of change, having a considerably transformational impact on the printing industry. The journey that began with woodblock printing has evolved to Digital printing, 3D printing and beyond.

Nevertheless, the printing industry serves a wide range of businesses across the world. So, modifications in this industry can have a considerable impact on others. Therefore, it is a must for organizations to keep an eye on emerging trends to survive better in this rapidly transforming world.

The new decade seems to bring several promising opportunities in the printing field. This article is aimed at exploring modern tendencies in the industry to keep the reader updated.

Top Trends in the Printing Industry to check out in 2020

There is no denying that digitalization, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and many other such technologies have captured the markets for good. Many prominent printing manufacturers and vendors, such as Xerox, are already busy bringing innovation to the printing industry. In this regard, the never-ending cycle of evolution triggers more innovation that keeps companies motivated to stay ahead of the game.

So, let’s consider a few emerging print trends.

Innovative printing thrives

From the start of the year, printing manufacturers have started a battle to be the best. Consumers should expect to experience higher innovation in printing tools and techniques. Evidently, the industry is seeking ways to be more profitable, and in this quest, innovation is the primary outcome that everyone is going to experience in the near future.

The re-emergence of Inkjet

Just when people’s perception of Inkjet printing is that of outdated technology, it has made a comeback!  Inkjet printing devices have remained popular in certain industries for many years owing to their cost-effectiveness.  However, technological advancement and innovation have given rise to a new breed of Inkjet devices with increased processing and output speed along with superior quality.

Expansion of industrial printers

The coming years are expected to see an ever-increasing expansion in digital printing applications for industrial businesses. For example, construction companies are using 3D printers for ‘printing’ buildings. The possibilities are endless as digital printing has enabled rapid usage in textiles, labels, packaging, and many other applications with critical design needs. So, there is no limit to the imagination of customization in a diverse range of industries.

Print on Demand

It is the most trending aspect of digital printing these days.  Print-on-demand is most frequently integrated with eCommerce solutions. E-Store owners are paying far greater attention to print integration with their websites to generate higher revenues.  In this way, printing technology is making its way to the top-trending industry for higher usage.

Environmental Sustainability

Over the years, companies have realized that technological advancement without considering the environment is detrimental to business survival.  This is because rapid growth in tech devices has had the effect of increasing carbon footprints.  So, environmentally friendly strategies and techniques are now being sought. The ever-increasing contribution of printing technologies in a diverse range of industries has compelled experts to come up with reduced solvent liquids and inks, UV-curable processing, and effective waste management to eliminate the negative impact of printing on the environment.

3-D Printing

Gone are the days when printing was limited to paper alone. This is the era of three-dimensional printing. Now, people can design their required output in the computer program and use 3-D printing technology to get the output as the finished object. This is, no doubt, a breakthrough in the industry of printing. The use of 3D printing is growing rapidly in the fields of medicine, construction, architecture, education, furniture, arts, business, and much more. Therefore, the upcoming years belong to object modeling rather than paper printing.

Smartest Multifunctional Printers

Over time, multifunctional printers have become an integral part of workplaces and even homes. The main reason is the ease of use and compactness of the devices.  Multipurpose printing machines are getting smart with every passing day while offering users to print, scan, and fax at the same time. The year 2020 is expected to bring something new in this realm in terms of improved workflow and advancement in technology. Just wait and watch – something new is on the way!

Cloud Printing

It is not an overstatement to say that cloud printing can innovate the potential of the printing industry altogether. This is because many industry players, such as Xerox and many others, have enabled users to print directly from their cloud solutions.  Additionally, the facility to give print commands remotely to get the output at the location of your choice is something innovative for users. In this way, users can enjoy the freedom of printer use by accessing it anywhere, anytime. Reliability and convenience are the key benefits of cloud computing.

Printing Security

Until recently, businesses did not view printing devices as a source of threats for data breaches.  However, it has been reported that printing devices remain a major source of data exploitation.  Therefore, critical updates have been done to ensure the effectiveness of printing machines in improving the security of official documents.  The release of Xerox managed printer services and print audits are proof of the response to the potential data threats. Therefore, the challenge of document security is growing, and so too is the response by the printing industry specialists.

AI-Driven printing

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing in every walk of life, and it’s no different for the printing industry.  The automation and increased sophistication in the devices are owing to AI integration. The growth in AI is phenomenal. So, the scope of AI in the printing industry is expected to grow considerably in the upcoming years.

The future of printing is now!

Summing up, no matter what role printing is playing in your organization, you should know the trends to stay updated. It is not difficult to see that innovation is transforming the printing industry, and advancement is shaping current and future trends.  So, considering advanced printing devices from Xeratek Document Solutions can help you stay aligned with the emerging trends in 2020.