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Xeratek formally acquires Sky Technology LLC’s Xerox Business Operations

It has been an incredibly positive start to the year, and we can now announce a significant milestone for Xeratek Document Solutions LLC. Following on the success of 2017, we at Xeratek have now formally acquired Sky Technology LLC’s Xerox Business Operations. This acquisition is a transformational moment for Xeratek and Xerox Emirates as it is the first takeover by a business partner of another Xerox partner in UAE. Xeratek is Xerox Emirates’ only accredited platinum partner and has been awarded Overall Channel Partner of the Year by Xerox Emirates for seven years running. Meanwhile, Sky Technology LLC has also been recognised by Xerox Emirates, being named their Emerging Channel Partner in the year that the company was launched. This latest move solidifies Xeratek's position as Xerox's largest and most successful business partner in the UAE and demonstrates our longstanding commitment to the Xerox brand, building on this exceptional track [...]

Organizing And Digitizing The Office For Workplace Efficiency

Now that everyone’s back, the New Year has really started in the UAE. Most of us are rested and recharged and full of ambition, goals, and focus for the year ahead, part of which for most of us revolves around increasing productivity and efficiency in our work. With the implementation of VAT, it’s going to be a particularly challenging month for a lot of people, and the collection and retention of documents and records will become increasingly important. Organizing your office and digitizing documents is one of the best ways to make your business more efficient. A tidy office can help keep your mind clear and keep you focussed on those resolutions and goals. This means that you get rid of all the clutter, think about having specific shelves or trays for incoming and outgoing files, and use organizers for everything else that you bring to work, such as chargers. [...]

Xeratek Document Solutions Partners with BlackBerry to Provide Organisations in the UAE with the Most Secure Enterprise Mobility Software

Xeratek Document Solutions LLC today announced it is partnering with BlackBerry to provide organisations in the UAE with access to BlackBerry Secure, the most secure and comprehensive set of mobility software solutions to address today’s complex and sophisticated business environments. Market demand for security is shifting from the network of computers to the network of endpoints. These endpoints represent the Enterprise of Things (EoT), which is a collection of devices, computers, sensors, trackers, equipment, and other “things” connected to an organization and each other. BlackBerry is addressing EoT with its BlackBerry Secure platform, which ultimately helps companies manage and secure their mobile devices and connected things, as well as communications for all messaging and file types. Xeratek Document Solutions was founded in 2009 by owner Alex Marr and grew from a Xerox Business Partner to being a leading provider of Enterprise Capture and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions for the automation [...]

Top 5 Books For Business Leaders

Running a business is no easy task; there is a huge responsibility in supervising and overseeing company resources and activities. A business leader needs to be inspiring, motivating, skillful, and understand the business inside out. There is a wealth of information and advice out there on how to be a better leader, so much so that it can be overwhelming. If you want to improve your leadership skills, to be a more effective leader, these are just a few of our favourite business books to try: 1. Top of Mind by John Hall This book clearly outlines actionable advice and relatable examples for anyone looking to take their business to a new level. The book teaches the tactics of attracting business opportunities and details on how to win people to your side. It’s particularly helpful how to gain people’s confidence and get inside their minds so that you win their [...]

How important is your office layout to the business?

Having the right office space can be crucial to the success of your business. Setting up an office takes more than just finding a location or building to rent and furnishing it with furniture and equipment for people to use. Most of us spend the majority of our lives at work, so you really should spare a thought about your workers’ comfort. Happy workers are productive workers, and having an office layout that fosters comfort, and some happiness can do wonders for employee performance and your company’s bottom line. Your office layout should reflect your company's values When setting up your office, keep in mind that it is not just a building full of people, but it is also part of your company's image and brand. In this way, offices can be quite a business tool. Your office should reflect your company's core values, with the design elements reflecting or [...]

Are you leaving your business open to cyber attacks?

It’s a topic that has been much in the news over the last few months, leaving us all questioning our online vulnerability and searching for ways to increase our cyber security both personally and in our businesses. It has been estimated that annually there are upwards of 556 million cyber-crime victims. Larger companies and corporations employ technology and data security teams to protect themselves from these ‘invisible criminals.’ Smaller businesses, however, do not always have the resources for such an investment and are often easy prey for security breaches with devastating consequences. You may have looked into your computer systems and social computing etiquette to assess the vulnerability, but have you thought about the other equipment and business solutions you use around the office? We’ve rounded up a few of our top tips to help keep your business secure: Protect your documents Don’t leave yourself open to the risks presented [...]

Conducting Business During Ramadan

So Ramadan has started and as we all observe and respect the rules and traditions associated with the Holy Month whilst trying to continue with ‘business as usual', we wanted to remind our followers of the basic etiquette for doing business at this time. The basics The first step towards being culturally sensitive during Ramadan is understanding the basic requirements of this religious period. Muslims observe the five pillars of Islam, and one of these pillars is fasting. They believe that they will be greatly rewarded for following the 30-day fasting period of Ramadan. During this time of fasting, devotees are required to fast for up to 18 hours a day: from sunrise to sunset. Fasting means not taking part in anything by mouth, including food, drink, gum, or cigarette smoke. Fasting can have dramatic effects on the mind and body. It is no easy task and is meant to [...]

Largest Product Launch in History : Check out Xerox’s Latest Lines

It’s been an incredible start to the year for Xerox, who finished Q1 with a bang, launching 29 NEW ConnectKey printers and multi function devices – making it the largest product launch in history. The two new sub-brands were introduced as part of the launch: VersaLink and AltaLink, with VersaLink ideal for smaller work groups and teams with lower volume needs, and the AltaLink series specifically designed for larger workgroups with higher print volume needs. Overall, 19 printers and MFPs were introduced as part of the VersaLink series, with 10 MFPs making up the AltaLink range. All 29 products, of course, offer the consistent Xerox user experience and are ConnectKey enabled. All of these new devices can help to streamline business processes thanks to the built-in apps which help to create individually tailored workflows. They are also easy to use as a result of the intuitive user interface, with a [...]

4 Tips on Making Your Office Sustainable and Green

With this month’s focus on Earth Day and all the talk in the news recently about missions to Mars, it’s actually a good time to think about what each of us can do to protect our own planet - the things that we can actually change to make a difference. We spend most of our time at work, so let’s start there. How environmentally friendly (‘green’) is your office? How highly do you score on the checklist below of green workplace initiatives? 1. Do you really Reduce, Re-use and Recycle? The three R’s help us to limit wastage, saving precious resources, energy, time, and money. Don’t print unless you really have to, and when you do, try to print on both sides (duplex). Save old printouts and scrap paper for taking notes at meetings instead of breaking open a new notepad. Don’t leave water running or lighting and air conditioning [...]

Xeratek Takes Trifecta Win at Xerox Emirates Awards and Achieves Exclusive Platinum Partner Status

Earlier this year, Xerox Emirates hosted their annual Channel Partner Year Start Meeting & Gala Dinner 2017, attended by channel partners from around the UAE. The event aims to celebrate success, reward excellence, and generally show recognition to the channel partners who play such a key role in the company’s success in the UAE. We were there at Jumeirah Golf Estates, representing Xeratek, among a number of other partners, and aside from getting a chance to catch up with our colleagues and peers in the industry, we were delighted to be on the receiving end of a number of key awards. We were recognized as the Highest Revenue Partner of The Year (in Dubai) for 2016, as well as the New Business Partner of The Year for 2016 (for the highest number of new customers added in 2016). In a logical progression, after receiving both of these important awards, we [...]

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