Ok, so we’re jumping on the bandwagon a little here, but as our business is all about office solutions for productivity and efficiency, we couldn’t very well miss the opportunity to share our office new year’s resolutions. So if you’re looking to give your business a boost for 2016, check these out:

  1. Identify priorities for all

There are important things that need to get done, and then there are less important things that need to get done. All employees need to be aware of what their work priorities are so that the most important goals in the office are being completed. This ensures that things stay on track and that each employee is fulfilling their role.

Getting to know what employees value on an individual level is also useful. When employers show they care about what staff want from their career and work experience, the employee feels valued and an essential part of the team. This type of interaction helps encourage positive engagement.

  1. Improve the environment

Work on creating the most engaging and pleasant environment. A cold and colourless office is never going to encourage enthusiasm and passion – appearance and decoration is infinitely more important than you would think. Making the office more aesthetically pleasing will get people inspired and motivated, even without realising. Fluorescent lighting and too much white-on-white can make it very hard for people to focus, and has been linked to lower levels of productivity in multiple workplace studies. Warmer colours and a more inviting setting are the best, along with as much natural light as possible.

  1. Encourage teamwork

It seems very obvious, but a group of people who motivate each other is much better than a group of people who do not associate with each other and simply try to motivate themselves. Try arranging at least a couple of teambuilding events for your staff in 2016.  Camaraderie is going to lead to stronger results for the business as everyone is working together and bringing new ideas to the table. When coworkers have positive feelings toward one another and see each other as equals, more gets done, and everyone enjoys doing it!

  1. Clear the clutter

Everyone loves a good spring clean, so make it a goal to clean up the cluttered parts of the office and go through bookshelves, draws and trays to clear paperwork. Prioritizing scanning over printing will keep documents accessible and yet invisible so that they don’t take up inches of valuable space that can be left open or used for something more important. Get busy scanning any essential pieces of paperwork to keep the office paperless (check our blog post on Going Paperless in the UAE for more tips)

  1. Update diaries and schedules

Do your research and mark ahead all of the relevant public holidays, events, occasions, relevant trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and other industry events – and make sure all staff are updated. Make sure you know all team members birthdays and that these are also added to the diaries, as well as requested holidays and key business dates, including invoice and billing dates so that appointments, finances and business planning run smoothly.

Paperwork can quickly become cluttered and organisation is a key factor for success, so it is important to take advantage of processes that make life easier.  You can speak to one of our experienced team for more information on document management services, simply call us on 04 3997714 or send us an email: [email protected]. For more tips on increasing productivity, check out some of our previous blog posts, including one of our most popular on Increasing Productivity in the Office.

Of course, Dubai wasn’t built in a day, but it is important to put practical resolutions in place and work on improving efficiency for the good of the business. If you have any tips for making the office a more productive place, please share them on our Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Happy New Year!