Cloud computing is a huge global trend, which is now rapidly gaining moment in the UAE. The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the cloud market worldwide will have grown into a $45bn industry by the end of this year, nearly tripling its business within five years.

At Xeratek, our Outsourcing Services division is supporting this transition for companies across the UAE, by levering cutting edge technologies to remove paper from business processes.  By implementing Enterprise Capture solutions (EC), such as Kofax, incoming documents can be captured at the point of origination and therefore enter a business process in an electronic format. From this point every document can be securely managed and stored in applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, and made available to the correct recipients via Microsoft Office’s 365 suite of products.

Additional enhancements and improvements can be made to business processes by implementing workflow and electronic signatures, eliminating the need to print on paper at any stage within that business process.

For anyone thinking of taking the step to ‘going paperless’, we thought we’d share our top tips:

  1. Choose a document management system which is automated, online-accessible across all devices, and automatically backed up. Make sure there is a ‘tagging’ system to help you find documents quickly and easily when you need them.
  2. Use apps such Kofax Mobile Capture to scan documents and more from your smartphone.  This can also be connected to LinkedIn, and will immediately add any scanned business cards on to the social networking site.
  3. Don’t be put off by the backlog – start with the present and ensure paper is removed going forward.  Once the processes are established and running well, move back and start scanning and capturing old documents in batches.

Using the wide range of technology solutions available, and reducing the dependence on paper will add tremendous value for organisations of any shape or size.  It ensures that information is provided more accurately, and that business processes are managed faster, more reliably, in a compliant manner, and at a significantly lower cost to the business.  For more advice or information on going paperless without causing any disruptions to your business, give us a call on 04 3997714 (Dubai) or 02 5506122 (Abu Dhabi) or email us [email protected]