Organizing And Digitizing The Office For Workplace Efficiency

Now that everyone’s back, the New Year has really started in the UAE. Most of us are rested and recharged, and full of ambition, goals and focus for the year ahead, part of which for [...]

Xeratek Document Solutions Partners with BlackBerry to Provide Organisations in the UAE with the Most Secure Enterprise Mobility Software

Xeratek Document Solutions LLC, today announced it is partnering with BlackBerry to provide organisations in the UAE with access to BlackBerry Secure, the most secure and comprehensive set of mobility software solutions to address today’s [...]

Top 5 Books For Business Leaders

Running a business is no easy task, there is a huge responsibility in supervising and overseeing company resources and activities. A business leader needs to be inspiring, motivating, skilful, and understand the business inside out. [...]

How important is your office layout to the business?

Having the right office space can be crucial to the success of your business. Setting up an office takes more than just finding a location or building to rent, and furnishing it with furniture and [...]

Are you leaving your business open to cyber attacks?

It’s a topic that has been much in the news over the last few months, leaving us all questioning our online vulnerability and searching for ways to increase our cyber security both personally and in [...]

Conducting Business During Ramadan

So Ramadan has started and as we all observe and respect the rules and traditions associated with the Holy Month, whilst trying to continue with ‘business as usual’, we wanted to remind our followers of [...]

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