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Ysoft create intelligent enterprise office solutions that build smart business and empower employees to be more productive and creative. Ysoft SafeQ Print Management supports your print governance requirements for security, mobility, sustainability and cost efficiency to better meet your managed print services (MPS) program.


Documents carry your organization’s most vital information. The question is: Are your workflows as secure as your documents? Nuance delivers the solutions and expertise you need to gain control of all your information processes – and work better than ever.


Xeratek have partnered with Grenke in the UAE to provide financial leasing services tailored to the specific requirements and opportunities of all sectors. We take pride in offering our customers a reliable and dependable partnership for their leasing needs. GRENKE enables small and mid-sized companies to simply lease the equipment they need, instead of purchasing them and tie up their valuable capital resources.


Xeratek have partnered with Glenbeigh Records Management (GRM) in the UAE to provide secure, efficient and cost effective solutions to help businesses better manage their information. Apart from your employees, your most vital business assets are your paper records and electronic data. A solid business strategy should place a huge emphasis on the efficient management and protection of these assets.


Xeratek have partnered with Solus to leverage its technology advantages to deliver a solution that solves two key issues of digital businesses: user fraud and hacking. Together we deliver a super-secure, easy-to-use authentication platform for businesses with important digital assets to protect. Solus brings the same convenience and flawless security long enjoyed by the world's leading banks, to now serve websites in other industries with equally valuable digital assets to protect.


Xeratek have partnered with APPLICOM to provide products and services needed by enterprises of all sizes to harness latest developments in information technology for the purpose of improving productivity, competitive position and profitability.


After another year of hard work and commitment, we are delighted to have been awarded three Business Partner of the Year awards by Xerox Emirates: Incremental Business Partner Of The Year Production Solutions Partner Of The Year Overall Channel Partner of The Year (for the seventh year in a row!) We couldn’t have achieved this without our amazing customers, partners and dedicated team members and they fully deserve this recognition. Thrilled as we are, we don’t just want to crow about our success… It actually got us thinking about the awards themselves and the key considerations for achieving a successful business partnership, which we believe can be broken down into five key factors: Commitment Anybody involved in a successful business understands that dedication and a continued enthusiasm for progress is essential. No matter the scale of the business or the industry type, both partners should be equally invested.  If one [...]


For those who are not familiar with the printing industry, Drupa is the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world held every four years in Duesseldorf, Germany. (And if you're wondering where the name came from, Drupa is a portmanteau of the German words druck and papier; print and paper respectively - you learn something new everyday!) As the number one event for the print and cross media world, we were keen to attend to network, learn more about futuristic technologies and visions, and hear first hand the latest news from across the industry. Fortunately our team were just as keen, taking part in a highly competitive sales contest for Xerox Emirates at the Sign & Graphics Imaging Middle East 2016 exhibition.  Xeratek’s very own Sheeraj Rafeek, Sales Manager – Production Systems & Dubai North, earned himself the winning ticket to Drupa by closing a deal for a Xerox Versant 80 [...]


Unfortunately nowadays stress seems to be an everyday part of life, particularly in the workplace. Not only is this stress unpleasant and unproductive, it can be incredibly detrimental to the health of those affected. According to a recent study by the British Heart Foundation, two in five employees say that stress at work has affected their health by causing them to smoke and drink more, eat poorly, and forego exercise. We’re not naïve enough to think we can eliminate this stress, but we strongly believe that managers have a duty to their staff to help give them the best working environment possible. Reducing stress may seem like an insurmountable task, but there are some simple things you can do to help make a difference. Be a good role model Those in your teams are looking to you for guidance, what kind of example are you setting? Create an office culture [...]


The success of a business hinges on strong relationships. The aim should always be to provide an exceptional service to the client that moves your business from being viewed as a vendor to a trusted partner of your client. The list below outlines the steps to take to make this crucial transition. Research Get to know your clients company and their industry. By understanding their business you can speak from the same page as your client, understand the challenges of their business and cater your approach to meet the needs of the client. Go Beyond Once you know your clients business and what they need to progress you can expand the core offerings of your business to cater for the client. Customized solutions to your clients needs can open additional sources of revenue and grow a strong relationship with a client. Make Every Client A Priority Keeping clients happy is [...]

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