Despite our thirst for progress, development, and intelligent business, the majority of organisations still rely heavily on manual, repetitive tasks that have a huge potential for costly errors.

If you work in finance, logistics, insurance, accounting, or manufacturing, you’ll know exactly what we mean. You’ll no doubt have employees whose only focus is (you hope!) accurate and timely scheduling, tracking, ordering, invoicing, accounting, and processing of various documents and claims – the basic collecting, reviewing, and inputting of information between systems.

We don’t need to tell you that these day-to-day manual processes are inefficient and massively impact your business – whether from reduced productivity, data entry errors and corrections, inconsistencies in workflows, slow customer response times, or purely because of the dependence on costly human capital, outsourcing or non-compliant processes.

You’re also probably well aware that ‘Robotic Process Automation,’ through systems such as Kofax Kapow, is key to resolving these inefficiencies and increasing the productivity of your business. These systems allow you to automate all the manual repetitive tasks that your employees are caught up with, enabling them to focus on more productive and valuable work.

We’re not suggesting your workplace become like a scene from the popular movie ‘I, Robot’ – there are no physical robots! – these robots are all deep in your software systems, creating and following intelligent business rules to mimic specific actions that your employees take while performing tasks in various different applications.

These ‘robots’ embedded in your system work seamlessly with your physical workforce, freeing up the time that your employees would otherwise have spent copying, pasting, and switching between systems, applications, spreadsheets, websites, and other documents.

Using a robotic digital workforce rather than human capital immediately translates to a 25-50% cost saving, plus an increase in processing times of up to 90% and a 100% decrease in costly errors and inaccuracies brought about by human error.

At the same time, when your teams are relieved of these repetitive, manual tasks and able to focus on more engaging and impactful work and higher value projects, their productivity, service levels, and capacity increase by 35-50%, and they are able to respond to customer, and business needs much faster.

With all this in mind – and so easy to implement too – why wouldn’t you want to drive more value and profit for your business whilst at the same time gaining valuable insights and analytics to understand your operations better and continue to improve and develop your business?

All of this can be implemented in as little as a few days. If you’d like to know more about the opportunities that Kofax Kapow presents, please contact one of the Xeratek team.