After another year of hard work and commitment, we are delighted to have been awarded three Business Partner of the Year awards by Xerox Emirates:

Incremental Business Partner Of The Year

Production Solutions Partner Of The Year

Overall Channel Partner of The Year (for the seventh year in a row!)

We couldn’t have achieved this without our amazing customers, partners, and dedicated team members, and they fully deserve this recognition.

Thrilled as we are, we don’t just want to crow about our success… It actually got us thinking about the awards themselves and the key considerations for achieving a successful business partnership, which we believe can be broken down into five key factors:


Anybody involved in a successful business understands that dedication and continued enthusiasm for progress is essential. No matter the scale of the business or the industry type, both partners should be equally invested.  If one partner’s enthusiasm fades over weeks or years, it can damage the brand and the business you are trying to build.  The partners may bring different talents and knowledge to the operation but should both be just as committed and motivated to achieve success.

Complementary skills and knowledge

The different skills, knowledge, and talent that each partner brings to the relationship contribute to the overall value of the partnership and venture. The individual strengths of partners should complement each other rather than compete or contradict.

Collective vision

A complementary skill set and knowledge base are important, but in order to expand ideas and progress a business, it is important that both partners have shared goals and a vision to succeed to ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction.


Partnerships require excellent communication in order to clearly outline and understand the mutually beneficial targets of the business.  It is required at every stage of the enterprise to ensure work is on track and to discuss any threats or issues to the business, and questions and discussions should not only be welcomed but encouraged. Listening and reaching out are as important as talking.


Business partnerships operate the same way as any other human relationship, and mutual respect is integral to maintaining a healthy operation. Disagreements can happen, and resolution can only be achieved if both partners respect each other’s opinions and points of view.  By understanding the value each partner brings to the table, you can appreciate the origin of their opinion and what their key values and focus are, and both partners should always be allowed the space to air their opinions and thoughts.

Overall, we believe that flourishing enterprises are built on strong relationships and cooperation.  The parties involved should complement each other’s skill sets, respect each other, and be committed to the same goal.  If all of these are in order and communication lines are open and clear, then this paves the way for highly successful partnerships.  Once again, we would like to thank the entire Xeratek family, including our customers and partners, for their continued support and hard work – we look forward to another award-winning year!