We’re still riding high from being awarded Xerox Channel Partner of the Year 2014 so this month’s post is dedicated to our hard working team, and to the advice that has helped us to achieve this recognition. We hope it helps others as much as it has helped us!

1. Invest in good people

People do business with people they trust – Get the right people on board, work hard to develop great team morale and ensure everyone is engaged with what you are trying to achieve.  Great customer service cannot be taught; it comes from the desire to deliver excellence and exceed expectations.
2. Know your business and customers
Keep up to date with latest trends, products and developments – Know your customer’s business and personal drivers.  This way you can be proactive and suggest solutions that solve problems or simplify their business processes before they even know they have a requirement.
3. Listen and understand
Proactively seek feedback from customers and fellow team members so you can identify and understand your strengths and areas for improvement from other people’s perspective – Once you have the feedback, act on it!  This way others can see the impact of their words, and your business can continue to evolve.
4. Be available and honest 
Make sure customers, suppliers and fellow team members have access to you – set up communication channels to ensure you can be easily contacted on or offline.  When issues arise, as they always will, be honest, acknowledge the incident and deal with them in a timely fashion, communicating clearly and concisely at all times.
5. Be efficient and deliver results
Work efficiently in order to give your customers what they need when (or even before) they need it – Exceed expectations, but ensure you don’t overpromise (and therefore ultimately under-deliver).
By following all of the above, and having a truly great product or service to provide, you really cannot go wrong!  Feel free to share any additional tips that you have found useful, and to receive more tips, advice and the latest business stories, follow our Facebook page XeratekUAE or Twitter feed @XeratekUAE