What is Digital Transformation? Types, Benefits, and Examples

Digital transformation is a hot topic that has been under discussion for the past few years worldwide. You should know about digital transformation, its types, benefits, and examples; start thinking [...]

The Complete Guide to Record Management System (RMS)

Businesses always look for better and more reliable document storage solutions. In the past, keeping the records in one place with so many documents was quite challenging. So, document storage [...]

How to Develop a Digital Transformation Strategy?

In the current digital world, digital transformation (DT) has made a significant impact on businesses. It does not only belong to big tech giants. Even small companies are making it [...]

Document Digitization: How It Works, Why It Matters?

What is Document Digitization? The process of converting your hard-form unmanaged documents into digital and managed documents is known as document digitization. With such methods, converting unstructured meaningless data to [...]

Kofax Power PDF 4 is Here

Built for business users with stronger scanning accuracy and e-signature integration Power PDF 4 provides powerful PDF management that’s built for business users. Learning is fast since it works like [...]

Top Printing Industry Trends to Look for in 2020

Change is the only constant. It is evident from the fact that everything in this finite world is evolving. The interesting thing is that technological advancement has increased the pace [...]

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