Document Capture

Document Capture

For Enterprise Capture Solutions, Xeratek are one of Kofax’s fastest growing business partners across the region.  Using Kofax’s suite of Multichannel Capture and Business Process Management solutions, Xeratek are helping companies accelerate their business processes by capturing information, transforming it and delivering it to the relevant business application or using it to kick start an automated business workflow.

Kofax Capture™ products provide a standard, automated and consistent process for securely capturing all types of inbound documents and information, wherever it is first available — whether a central office or digital mailroom, from a customer’s home, a local branch office or even remotely from a smartphone or tablet.  They accelerate business processes by collecting documents and forms, transforming them into accurate, actionable information, and delivering it into your line of business applications, workflows, repositories and databases. Whether information is on paper or in electronic files, in a central office or scattered on desktops and remote offices throughout the world — Kofax captures it all quickly and accurately, ensuring complete chain of custody of the content and accelerating core business processes and solutions.

Kofax Express™ is a powerful, all-in-one, easy-to-use, batch-oriented document scan application capable of high-speed scanning with real-time image display, indexing, and bar code detection. It is designed for less complex applications and makes it easy for anyone to quickly scan, index and export documents for fast and easy retrieval. Kofax patented VirtualReScan® (VRS) technology is built into the application to ensure optimal image quality, reduce errors and exceptions, and improve system effectiveness.  Xeratek can integrate Kofax Express with a wide variety of backend systems to export the captured images and data to including Microsoft SharePoint and Kofax Capture.

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